The band's original name was "ANIMALATOR" and was formed in 1996. Two demos were recorded: "Thrash Metal" in 2001 and "What Fuckin' happens?" in 2002. But the band split up in 2003.

In summer 2004 former Animalator member NEIL (vocals, guitar) and LEHMANN (bass) set up a NEW BAND with the name "NEURASTHENIA". They recruited former Animalator member Leo for the drums and the band recorded their FIRST DEMO "FULL FORCE OF THRASHERS!", which included also songs from the last promo of Animalator and was released in 2005. After one year and many live shows, the band's line-up changed with new drummer Steve and Phil on lead guitar. The new line-up recorded five songs for the FIRST PROMO "RETURN UNDER NEURASTHENIA", released at the beginning of 2006.

In October the same year Neurasthenia started recording their FIRST FULL LENGHT record and the release of "POSSESSED" was in 2007 under UK Division Records and obtained good reviews. A FIRST PROFESSIONAL VIDEO for the song "THE LAST ORDER OF GOD" was produced by Mirko Sgarzi in the winter of 2007. The band had the chance to play at the Route to Hell Festival in Italy, the festival's billing also included AMON AMARTH, STRATOVARIUS and BEHEMOTH.

After a lot of live activities and supporting bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE, FORBIDDEN, EXODUS and TOURING with HATESPHERE, the band recorded a NEW ALBUM in their own studio engineered by Lehmann in summer 2008. Neurasthenia's SECOND FULL LENGHT album "YOUR OMEN" was celebrated with a BIG RELEASE PARTY in Bologna-Italy on April 10, 2009. An OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO for the song "GO FUCK THEM SELVES" was recorded at that party and it was the first live show for new drummer Mise.

in 2009 the band SIGNED with MY GRAVEYARD PRODUCTIONS and the label decided to re-issue the first album "Possessed" with two bonus videos, and release the new album.

The FIRST EUROPEAN TOUR in summer 2009 with FUELED BY FIRE & BONDED BY BLOOD ended with a concert in Italy where Neurasthenia SUPPORTED legendary band ANTHRAX. Due to the quitting of Mise the band had to find a new drummer for live shows and hired Vellacifer.

In April 2010 Neurasthenia joined Arizona's Thrash veterans FLOTSAM & JETSAM on their EUROPEAN TOUR and thereafter Rudy Mariani became the official new drummer of the band. In September the same year Neurasthenia was support band of EXCITER's TOUR in EUROPE. And there were also SHOWS with OBITUARY and DESTRUCTION in Italy and with BLITZKRIEG in the Netherlands. Since January 2011 Neurasthenia is working on a new album. In September 2011 after that PHIL left the band Neurasthenia decided to held in the FIRST HEADLINER TOUR in RUSSIA.

In January 2012 LEHMANN is recruited by the ex-front man of the band IRON MAIDEN - BLAZE BAYLEY, he will record the new album "THE KING OF METAL" and he will take a part of the WORLD TOUR which it will be three months touring.

In SEPTEMBER 2012 Neurasthenia support for the second time the band MUNICIPAL WASTE and after that the embark for the SECOND RUSSIAN HEADLINER TOUR. In the same month the band released their NEW ALBUM "POSSESSED BY YOUR OMEN" which contain the BEST SONGS from the previous two album, this why the band decided to give the chance to the people and the new fans to enjoy in their music listening these songs re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered by Lehmann and Neurasthenia in their own studio NEURASTUDIO. This album also contains the brand new song taken from the OFFICIAL VIDEO CLIP "I'M WALKING WITH A ZOMBIE" and the brand NEW SINGLE "WHEN NIGHTMARES COME TRUE" "Possessed by Your Omen" is available in digital version by SPIDER ROCK PROMOTION present in the mains digital shops of the web.

NEURASTHENIA are: NEIL - Vox, Guitars (Also with Lehmann the Project) LEHMANN - Bass, backing Vox (Also with Blaze Bayley, Lehmann the Project) RUDY - Drums (Also with Asgard)

Session Guitars: Andrea Mosconi (Mourn in Silence) Gabriele Lazzerini (Solo Artist) Simone Mularoni (guest solo on the album "Possessed by Your Omen" from D.G.M and Empyrios)

Past Members: Simone Frau (Guitar - 2004/2005) Leo (Drums - 2004/2006) (ex-Nasty Tendency now with Gengis Khan, Lehmann the Project) Steve Rivolta (Drums - 2006/2009) (now with Mise (Drums - 2009) (ex-Nasty Tendency, ex-Voices from Beyond, ex-Ephel Duath) Vellacifer (Drums - 2009) (ex-Kreas) Nebular (Drums - 2010) (now with Speed Stroke) Phil (Guitars - 2006/2011)

In 2013 the band will release their new album which it will be called "ANIMALATOR"...

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Neil - Vox and rhythm guitar
Lehmann - Fretless bass and growls
Rudy - Drums

Bologna, ITALY